China fireworks ban - riot

A clash in China between police and citizens has gone viral, after authorities cited a 2022 ban on pyrotechnics to try and shut down the use of fireworks during New Years' celebrations. The incident resulted in the destruction of a police car, and the liberal use of fireworks around the rest of central China.


They just wanna reduce air pollution but go off twin

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It seems that the ban has struck a nerve, as people forced to undergo multiple years of stiflingly strict covid protocols were met with government opposition to starting their new year off with a bang. Many videos have emerged of the resulting clashes and pyrotechnic displays.

A ban on fireworks and other pyrotechnics has been in place in Beijing since 2013, and was extended early last year to many other parts of the country in the name of decreasing air pollution; mostly to improve conditions before China’s hosting of the winter Olympics. While the ban has shown the ability to decrease peak pollution levels immediately following days of celebration, pyrotechnics are certainly not the driving force in China’s big city air pollution problem.

It’s understandable that the people of China have had enough, and just want the cathartic release of setting off some colorful explosives. Especially considering that the lighting of firecrackers represents the expulsion of bad luck in Chinese culture. The people of China have been through enough over the past few years. Just let them set off some fireworks.