Move over, BORGS – Gen Z has discovered yet another (not so) forbidden treat making them OD in absurdist droves – none other than Grimace’s birthday milkshake from McDonald's.

In the weeks since the purple berry-flavored monstrosity set the internet ablaze with its nearly $5 price tag and its implication that our favorite purple tastebud may have been conceived on 9/11, zoomers have discovered it's intoxicating (read: hilariously clout-building) powers-taking to social media to fake OD-ing on the overpriced substance. Why? Well, because it both makes no sense and is absolutely fucking hilarious.

@alyssaagranno happy birthday grimace #grimace #happybirthday #happybirthdaygrimace #mcdonalds #fyp ? original sound - alyssaagranno

From laying on the floor, the remnants of the purple shake splattered like blood on a crime scene, to dumping cup after cup over their heads, the trend spread on Twitter and TikTok, where it was largely heralded as Gen Z’s signature sense of ironic humor.

“The tik tok grimace shake trend is a really good example of how good Gen Z is at absurdist humor,” mused Twitter user @paynushurts.

“Gen Z is popping OFF with the grimace shake challenge on TikTok!” joked @TallBart, evoking an image of Steve Bushchemi’s iconic “How do you do, fellow kids?”

Yet among those that get it – the zoomers that get it get it – the trend has emerged as one of the funniest of the year.

“I can’t stop watching Grimace Shake videos,” quipped Twitter user @stillman_steve.

“image made to reflect how the grimace shake landscape has changed,” added @inkopolis alongside an image of the trend’s post-ironic turn.

Even McDonalds themselves even sounded off on the ridiculous clips.

“Meee pretending I don't see the grimace shake trend,” wrote Mcdonald's official Twitter page, seemingly from the perspective of Grimace.

For a generation that prides itself on being anti-capitalist, there is nothing funnier than buying Mcdonald's to “own” Mcdonald's.