BORG - black out rage jug

Gen Z has a new drink of choice when it comes to getting absolutely destroyed, and it's called the BORG. Not to be confused with the Star Trek villain, this BORG is short for blackout rage gallon, and has assimilated college campuses across the country. A BORG consists of a half gallon of water, a fifth of vodka, a squirt of flavoring, and anything else you'd like to add. Gone are the days of scooping a mystery liquid from a trash bin with a solo cup... Gen Z has adapted. 


i feel like im at the zoo

? Strut - Kyle Walker

There are plenty of BORG tutorials across TikTok and other platforms. The key to a good BORG is customization, so once you make it, it's important to give your BORG a fun name that helps you fit in with the college collective. Some personal favorites from this group include "BORGan donor," and "Save a BORG, ride a..." wait what?

@bellaaalonzo How to make a BORG that actually tastes good (heart attack in a jug) happy snow day! #snowday #darty #borg #celsiuslivefit #utaustin #atx ? original sound - uh

@catekeane1 Borg part 2! Santa edition #borgnames #housecrawl #fyp ? original sound - Catekeane

Older generations have predictably mixed opinions on the BORG. The fad can't help but bring many back to their college days, when they drank God knows what out of God knows what, (and you can be sure it wasn't half water). But the BORG is undeniably a safer way to binge drink, so who are we to stop kids from having fun?

@singleinla Replying to @jasminlevain #redcup #millenial #borg ? Get Low - Lil Jon & The East Side Boyz

@erin.monroe_ #genz #millennial #harmreduction #fyp @rosieposie1616 #stitch ? original sound - Erin Monroe

Gen Z is doing things their own way, and there's nothing wrong with that. Just because some people had to risk roofies and alcohol poisoning at every frat party doesn't mean our kids should too. Who wouldn't want to go back to college for a day and give one of these things a shot? Gen Z is getting older, and they're bringing their ways with them. Resistance is futile. 

Borg holding BORG