RIP Freud, you would have loved the internet. In the latest example of “things online that would have sent Freud into a coma,” one man on Twitter attempted to dunk on an OnlyFans model by comparing her to his sister.

Right before Halloween, Sam Frank tweeted a photo of herself in a maid costume with the caption, “future milf.” Normal enough, right? Well one streamer, Konvy, took issue with that for some unknowable reason, and responded to the tweet with a photo of a girl he claims is his little sister. His response reads, “this you ????? My lil sister got a fatter ass than you, stop using n3on for views.”

His tweet is referring to a YouTuber named N3on who Frank has been posting photos with as of late. According to this tweeter, Frank has committed the heinous crime of “using N3on for views” while also having an insufficiently round ass. As we know, women whose bodies we don’t personally find attractive are deserving of ridicule and scorn so the world knows of their evil deeds.

People were quick to ask what the hell this guy’s deal was. There were several references to “Sweet Home Alabama,” while others simply told the man to put his phone down and step away from the internet. Overall, most everyone thought his tweet was insane and that caring about any of this was bizarre.

I agree. Although I do appreciate a literal Freudian slip as much as the next guy.