naruto running like naruto

Unless you've been living under a rock lately, you've probably heard about the plan to storm Area 51. Hundreds of thousands have signed up for the event, it's inspired countless dank memes, and even gotten big enough for the US Air Force to issue an official statement about it.

Naturally, not everyone who's seen/read about this cockamamie plan is as big of a nerd as the plan's creators. As a result, there are parts of it that have left some folks a little perplexed. One such aspect is the "Naruto Run," which organizers say plays a key role in ensuring the success of their invasion.

In fact, it's gotten to the point that several major media outlets had to explain what the hell it was:

The Naruto Run comes from the popular anime show by the same name. The characters on the show have a distinct style of "ninja running" which involves leaning your head forward and leaving your arms trailing behind you while running. 

There are some claims that this style of running makes you faster, and a YouTube video featuring several cosplayers running normally vs Naruto running does seem to indicate that it might shave a few milliseconds off your time:

Amusingly, the Area 51 stormers seem to believe that this unique style of running may just make them fast enough to dodge oncoming bullets...

Of course, any time you get a plan this outlandish, there are going to be some hilarious reactions online: