A young man named Kevin Bacon was murdered on Christmas Eve. He was stabbed in the back. His throat was slit. His ankles were tied up. He was hung upside down and naked from the rafters. It was later found out that his testicles were removed and eaten. No, not this Kevin Bacon.

Actor Kevin Bacon speaking on television.

This Kevin Bacon. A 25-year-old hairdresser from Michigan. 

Photograph of hairstylist Kevin Bacon who was murdered by his Grindr date on Christmas Eve.

And it was all done by his Grindr date, Mark Latunski.

 This guy.

Mark Latunski murdered and cannibalized his Grindr date, Kevin Bacon, on Christmas.

When Kevin didn't show up on Christmas morning for breakfast his family called police. He was found four days later in Latunski's house. 

Back in August, Latunski's wife petition the court to suspend his time with their children citing his diagnoses of ā€œmajor depression, paranoid schizophrenia and traits of a personality disorder,ā€ from back in 2012 according to Michigan Live. His wife also said she was unable to force him to take medication or go to therapy.

Latunski has been charged with one count each of open murder and mutilation of a human body.

When the more famous Kevin Bacon learned of this tragedy he took to Instagram to give his condolences.