The internet is torn after a woman's photo went viral on Reddit. She claimed that during her four-hour flight, the man in the seat beside her chose to spread out, leaving her with very little personal space. An act otherwise known as 'Manspreading.'

Some Redditors took the obvious route that the man shouldn't have been encroaching on the woman's personal space.

Even taller people felt that the man had crossed a line, literally and figuratively speaking.

On the other hand, some folks felt bad for the man who was squished between a window seat and an aisle seat.

In the end, it's nature vs. nurture. Some blamed the airlines for continuing to decrease seat size, while some thought the woman should have claimed her territory.

Clearly, manspreading still seems to be a regular occurrence. But as long as there are tall men, long legs, and limited space in the crotchal region, it's not going anywhere anytime soon.