If you’re a motorcyclist in Singapore, watch out — this man is (accidentally) out to get you.

In a recent post on r/Wellthatsucks, a driver can be seen trying to merge. As he starts to turn, he collides with a motorcycle. Then, when opening his door to assist the people he just hit, it happens all over again.

Sure, we can get into an argument about the driver’s attentiveness and the cyclists lane-splitting, but no matter who is technically at fault, it’s safe to say that all people involved are having a pretty bad day. “You can see the disappointment once he saw he hit another one. Dude has the worst luck with people lane splitting,” wrote a commenter. “He is like a flame to moths,” offered another.

Most commenters were in agreement that the second crash was not the car driver’s fault. The line is a little fuzzier on the first one, but in general, most people thought that the cyclist should have been driving slower and the man could have taken greater care to ensure no one was coming.

“Either way the bikes were going too fast,” wrote a self-proclaimed Singaporean in comments. “Also to add, local laws would always side the bikes over cars. The driver is probably gonna get penalized for ‘failing to keep a safe lookout for vehicles while lane changing’ or something along that line.”

In summary, Singaporean cyclists: Be on the lookout. If you’re not careful, you might fall victim to the most Looney Tunes injury imaginable.