Lane-splitting is one of those things that motorcyclists say is fine, but the average person is convinced is dangerous. For context, “lane-splitting” is where someone on a motorcycle drives between two rows of moving cars, often weaving in and out of them to get to their destination faster. I wonder why people think it’s dangerous?

A recent video posted to YouTube by a lane-splitter seeks to answer that query. The video is titled “Crash.”

In it, a motorcyclist can be seen weaving between cars at high speeds. While things go okay for a little while, at around the 3:50 mark, he fails to fit between a semi and a neighboring car — causing him to smash into the back of a pickup truck.

“My accident from about four months ago,” the man writes in the caption. He also uses the caption to own up to the fact that this move was a bad idea in the first place. “I call it an accident, but it was clearly my fault. Too much confidence for too little skill.”

After the crash, the man’s body goes completely limp. He manages to stay on his bike for a few seconds before being clipped by a semi, causing him to fall off his bike and tumble across the pavement. “Thankfully made it out alive, and didn’t lose any limbs,” the man writes in the caption. “20+ fractures in my face, broke arm in half in two different places, collapsed lung, broken rib, two fractured spine discs.”

Despite owning up to his mistakes, commenters were quick to chirp him for his behavior in the video. “I like the part where you put everyone else in danger. Good for you,” wrote one. “Hope your insurance sees this, and they blacklist you. You didn’t care for anyone even including yourself the way you weaved in and out traffic let alone for that semi that almost killed you,” offered a second.

Still, others commended the man for posting the video and realizing his errors. “While your initial act shows a complete disregard for your fellow man and other innocents, I am appreciative of your sober reflection and survival. Best of luck in life,” a third commenter wrote.

Despite this injury, the YouTuber says he’ll be back out on the road — he just has a lot of healing to do before that can happen. “I’ll be back to ride again one day, but not like I used to,” he wrote. “Riding like I did was fun as heck, but I want to have fun for a long time.”

First step, stay in your lane.