space force steve carell jimmy o. yang

While Michael Scott has still been there for us on Netflix, it's been a LONG time since Steve Carell was on a new TV show.

So thankfully Netflix finally released the first photos and an official release date for their new comedy Space Force, by Carell and Greg Daniels of The Office.

space force steve carell ben schwartz

The show, which is a type of work place comedy set in the satirized world of the U.S. Space Force military branch—which prepares for or conducts "space warfare"—will premiere on May 29th, 2020. Based on the photos it's going to have a truly hilarious cast.

Confirmed Space Force cast members include:

  • Steve Carell
  • John Malkovich
  • Ben Schwartz
  • Fred Willard
  • Lisa Kudrow
  • Jimmy O. Yang

space force steve carell john malkovich

space force ben schwartz

space force jimmy o. yang

space force steve carell lisa kudrow diana silvers

space force john malkovich

space force diana silvers

space force jimmy o. yang steve carell

space force steve carell

Photos of the Space Force special moon camouflage suits also appeared online, which are maybe a little more practical than the standard green camo used in the United States' actual Space Force program.

The only question being raised so far is whether anything unexpected happens to Carell's character early in the show. As some on Twitter have pointed out, according to IMDB, Carell is only listed as appearing in the first episode.

Could there be a plot twist like HBO's The Outsider, where the seeming star of the show, Jason Bateman, didn't actually spend much time in the show? Maybe it's nothing, but if they do kill off Steve Carell in the first episode, a lot of people are going to be bummed out.