Woman lights a candle for victims of a mass shooting

Another week, another set of mass shootings in America. It's a tragedy we've seen repeated entirely too often in this country - this time occurring at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas and then a separate incident in Dayton, Ohio just a few hours later. 

Much of the country was still mourning the events of El Paso early Sunday morning when news of another mass shooting in Dayton started to break. Although shootings such as these have sadly become all too familiar in our news cycle, the fact that these occurred on separate sides of the country within just hours of one another clearly struck a nerve with a lot of people online.

#ItsGettingTooHardTo, a newly-trending hashtag on Twitter, is helping people express their fear and frustration over these events, as well as the American government's longstanding inability/unwillingness to take meaningful action towards curbing this epidemic of violence. 

Maybe things will finally change. Maybe this time around, our politicians will finally enact meaningful legislation to fix the source of the problem - whether it's guns, mental health, a culture of violence, or whatever else they believe it may be.

I'd love to be hopeful that change will happen in my lifetime, and that my children will grow up in a world where active shooter drills aren't as common as a fire drill. But honestly? It's getting too hard to be hopeful.