Stars, they’re just like us — and by just like us, we mean that they too learn of their high-profile divorces by reading the tabloids.

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner filed a lawsuit in New York City against her soon-to-be ex-husband, rocker Joe Jonas, on Thursday insisting he return their two daughters to her home country of England and revealing that she learned alongside the rest of the world that the pair were getting a divorce.

"On or about September 1, 2023, the Father filed a divorce case against the Mother in Florida,” read the suit, obtained by E! News. “On or about September 5, 2023, the Mother found out through the media that the Father had filed for divorce."

Considering the end of their marriage came about "very suddenly" after an argument in mid-August, the question of who would look after their children, Willa, 3, and D.J., 1, evidently proved a challenge.

While Jonas left Turner’s native England with their two daughters in late July as the actress set to begin filming the upcoming ITVX series, Joan, this “temporary agreement” recently went astray, the Do Revenge actress stating that as of September 20, Jonas had a "wrongful retention"of their children.

Though Jonas denounced the lawsuit as “misleading” — “The children were not abducted,” he explained in a statement to People — one thing is certain: As @hollyhollssss so aptly asked on Twitter, “has Joe Jonas ever broken up with someone in person?”