TikTok has never been the healthiest app when it comes to body image. Trends like 2020’s “So you think I’m skinny,” and 2022’s “body checking” are just two of many TikTok fads that explicitly or implicitly pushed an unrealistic body standard. Even last year’s “a day in the life of a stay-at-home girlfriend” craze perpetuated eating less solid foods in favor of coffees, juices, and nut butter.

But when TikTok user @ursweetmadness posted a video captioned, “My biggest high school flex was fitting through a tennis racket,” one of TikTok’s worst “skinny tests” was born. The original video has since been deleted, but dozens of stitches show other people trying to fit through a racket designed to hit a small fuzzy green ball, or describing their own biggest high school flexes.

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The most popular stitch comes from the high school TikToker Chloe Marquez, who amassed over 35 million views on her attempt. Even as an objectively skinny 17-year-old, she was unable to fit through the racket. “If this becomes a trend I swear to God,” one person commented on her video. “No, let’s NOT make this a trend thank you,” another person agreed.

Other than @ursweetmadness, the only other successful attempts came from children and contortionists. These two attempts are actually quite impressive, and probably not what most people had in mind when attempting the challenge.

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After Gwyneth Paltrow’s recent bone broth diet controversy, it’s past time we started talking about healthy weights and diets in the context of the extensive scientific research that exists around them. But when it comes to flexing your most impressive high school achievements, you’re on your own.

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