10 Traits of a Great Artist

I always hated those blogs where people just talk about themselves at length. It is boring, and seems conceited. I prefer to read about subjects, or general topics instead. I always like to discuss my art, and why I create what I do.
I recently ran across a web page listing the 10 great traits of an artist. Since I've got a large catalog of work built up here on ebaums, I decided to weigh in on my art and what I want to come across as the overall big picture for my work.

1. An Awareness of the Audience: A great artist is well-aware of the audience of the piece they're creating. He or she keeps the needs and wants of this particular audience in mind when developing a project.

(honestly, my work is geared mainly towards guys. For the female fans, there is a lot to look for as far as romantic projects in my submissions, however you'll still notice many videos in tribute to hot babes. What can I say? I'm a guy. A study was done that stated a creative person has much more sex drive than an average person)

2. An Eye for Design: A great artist has a keen eye for design and knows what makes for a good work of art.

(I've studied basically all the aspects of film-making: photography, writing, acting, and sculpting. I use different skills from various techniques, like composition theory from my photography classes)

3. Creativity: A great artist is very creative and always has new ideas for projects.
(No shortage of ideas for me, folks)

4. Humility: A great artist has a sense of humility and is open to criticism. They understand that not everyone will have the same feelings about their work.

(I like to think I have a self-deprecating humor that pokes as much fun at myself as to others. Conan O'brian had the right idea: make fun of yourself before someone else has a chance to. Not to mention the fact that ebaumsworld is NOTORIOUS for trolls and low ratings. Oh well, this site is not for the timid)

5. Knowledge of Materials: A great artist is familiar with a variety of materials that can go into a project, and knows how to most effectively use them to bolster a piece.

(With every media I use, I try to push the limit of my abilities. Again, one piece of artwork or video might contain several sources of skills)

6. Passion: A great artist is passionate about their work and practices their art because they love the work and feel a need to create.
(I don't have a plan B, folks. I'm gonna keep making stuff till the fucking world ends, or we emerge into a new society. Either way, I'm gonna keep doing my own thing and create)

7. Savvy Technical Ability: A great artist is technically savvy and can employ computer applications into their work.
(This is pretty apparent in my 3D edited pictures which were all done digitally, and my new Crook Takes Pawn Drawings. i drew out the sketches in pencil, then colored them with a tablet PC)

8. Sketching Skills: A great artist has great sketching skills and can use those skills to lay out the basics of an upcoming project, either for their own reference or to show the project to others.
(I've always wanted to draw in pencil since I was young, and it's because I enjoy doing it that I thrive at it. I learned my drawings aren't a means to an end, though. color gives those black and white sketches vivid life)

9. Strong Business Sense: A great artist has excellent business skills and can market themselves and their work to the public.
(I've been able to market my videos on YouTube, and my snowmobile through ice video has been on both Tru TV as well as MTV)

10. Vision: A great artist has a strong sense of vision and can easily picture the desired end result at the outset of a project.
(there's a grand scheme here, folks. If I can rise to another level as far as getting paid for my work, then all these half-finished ideas will come into perspective. I hope that happens. See you there, if it does)

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