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Why is it so wrong to write about what you feel? I just dont get it guys, if you dont like what you read then DO NOT READ IT. It is a real easy fix dont read it and yes I get it but when I hear this kind of talk it makes me think the damn crazy side of the Democrats have already won. I will answer why I write about politics I LOVE the whole discussion and I am so surprised at how uninformed (is that a word? well it is now) people are. There are several things you can count on 1) Intimidate is one angry individual 2) you can avoid reading anything wallboy says by just listening to the Dems, it is right out of the Democrat playbook and not one independent thought. When I think about our kids falling into this same boat I GET PISSED OFF. You do not have to be a republican or a democrat but for crying out loud THINK and THINK for yourself.


For my friend RED/BLUE and he is my friend. I get it, you dont think we can change things and I dont think I could muster an argument about this but we need no we MUST try to get people to talk and to think. I dont care what side you come down on THINK, the only thing that pisses me off about discussing politics when a person has no independent thought and does nothing but follow the so called "party". This is why I blog about politics and I am not afraid to say Tom and Jackass at least give a reason to THINK and that is a good thing as Martha likes to say.


This is the biggest thing, TELEVISION so slanted to the Obama politics the latest thing is the FUCKING IDIOT and notice I said FUCKING IDIOT who said the president was a liar guess what they are accusing him of? RACISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Think about that EVERYBODY, when the Dem's Booed the shit out of Bush and they did, what about his respect? Although debate whether he was a good president is still going on WHAT ABOUT RESPECT????? You can say I dont respect the man but EVERBODY should respect the office. Several comments about how people should turn their TV's off and what a great idea but we wont and there on a minute to minute basis the "IDIOT" is now a racist. FUCK THIS, I AM FED UP WITH GOD DAMN STUPIDITY!!!!!!! HOW can we stop talking about politics because if we stop there will be only one message. I am not a Republican and I am certainly not a democrat but I do try to support my president but and I said BUT I will never stop asking questions, I did it with BUSH and I will do it with Obama.


Thanks for reading and read every blog unless you dont want to and then DON'T but lets at least have a freedom of speach here. Bohank



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