A blog without a cause.

I finish this, my points were clear.

The world turns once, I see the fold.

Beneath dark's gaze, I stumble forth,

There came a time I lost control.

Like bowels deep, my shit does wreak.

I gather souls who's breath is weak.

There comes a time that melts my eye,

There comes a time I see no more.

My soul has vanished, not from neglect,

My soul has vanished, not from fear,

My soul has vanished, not from sin,

My soul has vanished, not from greed or fleshy things.

My soul has vanished because I am no longer here.

Like stardust blooms, and cosmic thrust,

from Godly powers and Satan's Trust,

this world has no hold on any of us.

We run, we hide, we pretend, we exaggerate, we play the part, we try to impress, we fake,we dress, we comply,

But rarely do we create.

What is to come,

has been done before.

Every brush stoke, every word from every soul reflects through time a thousand trillion times.

Our thoughts, our creations, our most sacred treasures, are only ancient recordings that repeat on the acetate, that turns in God's Love!


Uploaded 07/11/2010
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