A Concert Review From AW Smith

So went and saw Mickey Avalon last night at Emo's in Austin TX.  It was an interesting venue, I had never had been to emo's before.

It was all ages, so of course there was drunk 18 year olds with big X's on their hands snuggling up with 21+ so they could score a drink.

The show was supposed to start at 10, at 10:30 the crowd was getting restless as GNR was playing over the sound system like a diseased dinosaur walking his last march. 

Suddenly a fight broke out to my left.  I was with two female friends and do not want any harm to come their way.  I started repeatedly yelling at the two tards fighting for them to, and I quote, "STOP BEING PUSSIES AND TAKE YOUR SHIT OUTSIDE!!!  DO YOU UNDERSTAND???"  Everyone around the two tards started laughing at them, as well as around me.  The crowd settled down. 

At 11pm, one hour after the show was supposed to start some relic from the past (BEARDO) walked out on the stage.  He led the crowd thru his song National or American of the two.  His lack of a beard (he rocks the stache) and overinflated afro were distracting, also his butchering of Jimi Hendrix's national anthem guitar solo was so bad the only way that BEARDO could have insulted the guitar god Hendrix would have been to dig up his coffin, fuck is dead body, and then unload an AK clip into the corpse (BEARDO has an AK-47 tattoo on his chest...lame).

The guy was a dork.

He sang about aliens and shit, and sounded like a cheap Mickey knock off.  Finally he said he was out, and that he would be at the bar.


Then came DIRT NASTY.  This guy was definately a step up from BEARDO.  He sang a song about beastality that was making me and my entourage laugh our fucking asses off.  He had a creepy guy vibe to him, like someone that goes to the grocery store every day for one or two items...just in an attempt to stalk the produce girl he has a crush on.

FINALY MICKEY AVALON came on.  He played some new songs, and some of his current stuff such as My Dick, Jane Fonda, Mr. Right, Romeo & Juilet, that one song where "God must be one sick mother fucker", and another that I cannot think of the title at the moment.

MICKEY was accompanied by two female stage performers that wore provactive clothing and were very entertaining.  I swear I think one is a tranny.  MICKEY had that mescaline groove to him as he uttered every sylable with that nasaly voice we are all familar with

Besides the show being an hour behind schedule I enjoyed myself very much, except for the crowd of people that looked like they just got off the Jersey Shore that seemed to migrate to where I was standing.


Uploaded 11/07/2008
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