A conversational Faux Pas

            I know that talking about politics is usually a conversational faux pas if you are trying to make friends, but I would like to voice my opinion. Some of you may disagree with me, and some of you may agree, or maybe even a little of both. To lay it out there; I am politically neutral, I tend to lean slightly towards social liberalism, and I would like to say that I am common sense neutral economically.
           My issue is this, I was watching FOX news with Sean Hannity, and I was getting pissed with this guy and his hypocrisy. I understand that he is a far right conservative Republican as is with most of FOX news affiliates are. That's not the issue I'm arguing. The issue I am arguing is that Sean Hannity whines and complains when ANY Republican is criticized, bashed, or is reviewed by congress. On the other hand he bashes, criticizes, and seems to have an "I got you now" attitude when a liberal, or Democrat is under investigation. If you don't believe me watch and record a weeks worth of Hannity and watch them back to back. Any simpleton will see the absolute hypocrisy he expels from his gob. Also, if he has any semi-intelligent liberal on his show he gets absolutely irate with his guest, and joins forces with the other Republican strategist that sits next to the liberal to just over talk the single liberal on the show.
        Everyone knows his agenda. I would like to see a civil argument between him and an intelligent liberal, so that I can weigh the issue and determine my own point of view instead of hearing one side, or him pressing his view on his guest.
        This one is for you Hannity:
                          You're an intelligent man, there is no need for you to use childish antics, such as: getting huffy and puffy with anyone that disagrees with you, Bashing anything the President and his cabinet does (In which you reluctantly gave him credit on the order to get Bin Laden), practice what you preach kind sir. We are all American, and you should give credit where credit is due. He is our President, and everyone should be able to say we got that heathen who kills not only thousands of Muslims, but had ordered the killing of Jews, and the attacks abroad. Including the attacks on the World Trade Center killing roughly 3,000 people. You support the rich getting richer, arguing for their "Hard work and determination", where as it is very easy to be a successful entrepreneur when you already have the resources to do so from inheritances, or was given to them through interest groups, while there are people loosing their houses because of Corporate crooks that willingly gave them mortgages that they knew would be defaulted on. You look down on the homeless for being lazy, when a majority of homeless are veterans from past years who struggle with PTSD and used drugs to numb their symptoms where the VA did not have the resources or knowledge to help the returning vet with these issues. Either that, they don't have family support to help them get on their feet, they may have mental and/or physical disabilities to be productive in the proper work atmosphere, and uneducated men and women who can't get a job well enough to support them selves in an apartment and still have money for food. You sir seem to think that helping with homeless effort is a waste of tax payer dollars, and welfare is another waste. I do agree that there are scum out there that take advantage of the system, but it's up to both Republicans and Democrats to work together and pass legislation to allow civil servants to investigate those who leech of the system. The paper work to file should be long enough and thorough enough to be able to determine whether or not that person is qualified.
                  You also seem to be against the actions of President Obama for his actions in Libya, saying it is illegal because he went over 90 days of police action. I agree, he should get the support of congress, but that's not the issue here. I think it's not our fight to begin with. The U.K. and France only started doing strafing runs due to the fact that they were no longer receiving oil from Libya because of their support for the rebels. America never received any oil from Libya therefore making our military strikes only a tool to reinforce our relationship with our European allies. Yes Ghadafi is nut and he deserves to be tried by inter-pole for crimes against humanity. You sir, had nothing negative to say about President Bush when he declared war on Iraq in 2003 with out any long-term strategy and failed to see the possibility of an insurgency, when he should have known that from the wars in the Phillipines with the British.
               As you can see, I disagree with about 70% of your arguments, ideals, and agenda. You have the potential to allow people to see the wrongs and rights of both parties, but I think you're worried about loosing you're job with FOX news if you do the right thing, and I also think that you get money from interest groups (even though you're not a politician) to press their views on the viewers. That is just what I think, and that holds no weight nor should it be seen as fact. I've seen once or twice where you knew the Republican party was doing wrong, but you failed to address the issue by switching the subject immediately.
             Don't take this as me hating on the Republican party, because I have things to say about both the Democrat party, and it's far left journalists. I will end with this: These journalist should be held to a higher standard. Express whatever opinion you have, just don't ignore the facts. Lastly, don't treat you're guests as if they're lower than you just because they disagree with you.


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