A frank realization

So I have been sharing stories of my conquests, (wink wink, nudge nudge, say no more).  And have come to an epiphany.  Most of you are really pathetic douchbag virgin fucks.  The same fucking comments in EVERY fucking feech.  Azn calls everyone a retard junkie pot head, and the rest I don't even know what you say.  Only reason azn is fun is cause he plays stupid and says stupid shit.  I can tell he isn't serious.  But some of you, I cant tell, you sound like a fucking retard circus, THE SAME FUCKING COMMENTS DAY IN AND DAY OUT.  I had the privilege to be unemployed for a bit, and able to keep my internet service so I had plenty of time to troll the comments.  I admit it and some of you who are to stupid to realize that this is a fucking joke don't even realize.  Fuck you, fuck all of you, cept for the funny ones.  I will continue to razz azn about the lego's and kimchi cause that is entertaining to me but when it comes down to it.  Most of you are pathetic virgins, jus fucking stupid trolls too dumb to go to a show, a bar, a club, or even out of your fucking basement.  U sit, all alone, in front of your screen, saying the SAME DUMB SHIT OVER AND OVER.  IDK what u think of me.  I am MR MOTHER FUCKING MUSTAID, this is a character, based in reality, covered with blood of a thousand jokes and moreover a fucking MASTER TROLL.  You suck, I give props to the reg's here who actually invest a lil time and thought trying to come up with something other than the taste of cum in your fucking throats.  U know who u are.  Oh, if you are gonna rip on the jobless thing, good for you, but for any of you who work for a living know...  A few months off is FUCKING HEAVEN.  No fucking worries, crappy ebaums blogs, stupid vids, TONS of xbox live, gallons of beer, metal shows, bitches and most of all...  WEED fucking WEED, FREE WEED, FAAK YEA!!!  After years of taking care of myself I had not one care in the fucking world.  So you can say, I work BLAH BLAH BLAH.  But when it comes down to it, FUCK YOU, all your pre pubescent fucknut troll kids.  Go back to 9gag or 4chan or nikelodien.cum.   Fuck the mods, fuck the trolls and fuck ALL of you...
-Mr. Motherfuckkin Mustaid
Uploaded 11/30/2012
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