A Kock and a Smile!

I set a task for myself this past weekend. Well, I set a couple of tasks for myself this weekend; but one of them did not involve drinking beer and eating food which would so enrage Michelle Obama that she would get up from her 1,500 calorie plate of ribs and fly back from her latest luxurious sojourn to lecture me on the evils of eating well like she does.

I thought I might sift through the rage which the Democrats and their union thugs spew at the schoolchildren and concerned residents of Wisconsin and pick out the most creative epithet which has made its way into the repertoires of the mass of mouth-breathers fronted by Service Employees International Union gangsters and backed by President Barack Obama himself.

The Observant are well aware of the mendacity with which liberals from the lowliest knuckle-dragger in the SEIU battalion to the millionaire sock puppets in the mainstream media defame conservatives. My personal favorite: teabagger. Listening to some self-important, liberal-talking hairdo use a sexualized epithet to describe people who don't live according to Democrat Party talking points is always such a treat.

Of late, however, the drones have been issued a new pejorative to propel at their intellectual betters. I caught it tumbling out of the blowholes of some of the union thugs trying to do to Wisconsin what they've done to Detroit:

Koch whore.

Hey, its a little double entendre! See because there are people who sell their bodies for cocaine, but the conservatives fighting to save the children of Wisconsin, jobs for their neighbors and American prosperity from the Democrat/Union thug Axis have sold their souls to the Koch Brothers get it? How marvelous! How artistic! How obvious it is that most of the Democrat/Union thugs have no idea who the Koch Brothers are (much less what a double entendre is) beyond evil because Rachel Maddow says so.

Of late, the Democrats have had their media working overtime to enlighten their masses. An obviously coordinated smear campaign has stretched from the usual outlets like The New York Times to more isolated corners of the media world; like the moribund remains of The New Yorker and the racist lynch mob at Common Cause.

One Democrat named Ian Murphy, noted for an online rant entitled F*** The Troops, even went so far as to place a prank phone call to Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker while posing as David Koch. After a reported 20 minutes of indelicate prodding by Murphy-as-Koch, Walker revealed that he wants the best for his State; which is anathematic to the Democrat/Union cabal.

Rather than feel deflated by Murphys failure to flimflam Walker into making a comment reflecting their own increasingly unhinged and violent rhetoric, or even deplore Murphys underhanded (and unsuccessful) duplicity; Democrats managed to convince themselves that story was all about Koch'\s ties to Walker.

None of the mainstream media focused on the fact that Koch never actually called Walker the caller was a de facto Democrat operative. So, a liberal lied (again), failed in his objective, and they all declare victory? Um congratulations?

Just who are the Koch Brothers? Who are these bugaboos who inspire liberals to check under their beds and sleep with the lights on? Charles and David Koch are, in actuality, the primary owners of Koch Industries, a privately-owned conglomerate with roots in industries ranging from paper to petroleum. Their multibillion dollar business currently provides jobs to nearly 100,000 people.

Likely spurred by their enormous success (not to mention the success their efforts have delivered to others), the Kochs have donated time and resources to the conservative movement in order to facilitate a push for greater economic prosperity for people beyond their circle of cronies. Given the Democrat Partys increasingly strident opposition to free markets and free people, the Kochs have earned proverbial and literal crosshairs on their backs.

In a sense the Kochs are similar to Democrat sugar daddy George Soros, except none of the recipients of the Kochs largesse have:

Called for the murder of Supreme Court Justices and their families. (Common Cause)

Claimed perjury by a Democrat President should not be a cause for legal action. (

Provided material support to Islamofascist terrorists. (Lynne Stewart)

Provided funding to eco-terrorist groups. (The Tides Foundation)

Murdered police officers. (Mumia Abu-Jamal and Troy Anthony Davis)

Maybe I should work on my Soros impression; then phone the White House. I'll bet the President takes my call.

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