A Machine's Awarness. Another Parable

those of you out there who are fans of my work have doubtlesly missed my input while I have been gone. Those of you who point out that I haven't got any fans can kindly fuck off. Here is another of my lovely parables. This one is remarkably easy to figure out. Same rules as always.



Imagine an existence seprate from ours where there beings of some simplicity. They are not even carbon life forms. They are just chemcial reactions. They cannot reason, they have no sense of awareness whatsoever. They know not why they wish to survive, but they are compelled to do so, for the simple fact that those that aren't compelled to survive do not survive. these beings breed through mitosis. They make perfect copies of themselves when enough energy is present in them to do so. Like any organism they need to consume in order to survive. There are a great many of them and thier resources are finite. Though they are not fit to compete in any sophisticated manner such as outright warfare, they are adept at one thing. They are able to build. From thier own matter they construct machines to best requisition thier food. Though the beings themseleves are simple, through countless spans of time and elimination the machines they build begin to be marvelously complex, attaining reasoning and self awareness in some cases. All of this is purely out of nescesity and random occurence of course. As complex and fascinating as the machines are, they are still very much just machines. They are no more able to control thier actions then any other machine. they can only follow thier programming. Despite the simplicity of the creators, the language they are able to program in is twice as complicated as binary, containing four possible variables rather then two. Thier machines are consequently much more complex then any computer we might build on earth. The machines themselves are aware that they exist, they are even aware thier creators exist. Despite thier awareness and capability, they don't think much of thier creators at all. Most of them don't think about the fact that they are machines, though if you asked them about it the right way they would agree that indeed they are. Though theya re no more able to decide then a computer program is able to decide, they are oddly convinced that they control themsleves. there would be something frightening about these machines. It would be awful to be in thier place. I supose you think this is science fiction don't you?

Uploaded 08/22/2010
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