A Musical Tribute To Mizuka and Alts.

Mizuka definitely has a place here in Ebaums world. There is never a shortage of under sexed physically challenged teenagers and perverted old men wanting to spend their time touching themselves as they frantically speed through pictures of scantily clothed Asian girls, until they find that one perfect shot that releases their, um, inner beauty?  Now that's what I would call "Target Market ", without the need for all those pesky surveys or need for research. Ready made, "plug and flow."

However, due to some interesting observations, by myself and others, there seems to be some confusion as to the true nature of Mizuka and her Alts. The causes of this confusion is obvious so I won't elaborate here. However, I will put to rest, the true identity of Mizuka with a musical video with the true Mizuka as the star and his two alts as back -up. Listen to the words carefully and all will be revealed.

After viewing this you will kick your self for not seeing it earlier. I would like to thank Rednote for unwittingly  making the connection. Actually Rednote may have wittingly made the connection, I don't know?

Well here is Mizuka and Alts, Enjoy

Uploaded 11/28/2010
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