A Pack of Bullshit

     If you smoke brand name cigarettes in Canada, you probably noticed the warning labels on each pack that show examples of all the bad things smoking can do to you, and the people around you.
     I always saw these as pretty pointless.  I don't know of a single smoker who quit because they found those packages too disturbing to continue smoking.  Nor do I know of anyone who used the "quit smoking tips" insert inside smoke packs to quit.
    Anyway, I bought a pack yesterday and noticed (it was hard not to) that the powers that be have forced the cigarette companies to forgo another inch to these "powerful statements", leaving the tobacco company less than an inch of their own packaging for their logo.


    Ok, I know smoking is bad... everyone at this point should.  If you have to read the warning labels on a pack of smokes to know that it can, and will most likely eventually kill you, you deserve to die of lung cancer.  Sorry. 

   Yes, I know smoking kills quite a few of it's participants, but so does a lot of things. 

   Driving kills people... you can fall asleep at the wheel, mechanical errors can occur, people are stupid and run red lights, etc etc etc.   But, when I bought my car, 75 percent of my paint job didn't consist of such warnings.    There aren't pictures of stabbing victims on my cutlery,  I don't see sad looking fat folk on my Wendy's hamburger wrappers, nor do I see house wives with black eyes on my bottle of Captain Morgan (only a pirate).

  I don't mean to make fun, but this is ridiculous.  You already have to be a certain age to purchase cigarettes.... you cannot buy them as children because children do not have the same reasoning and decision making skills as adults.  They're more impressionable, and so on.  Hell, in Ontario anyway, cigarette vendors are not even legally allowed to display the cigarettes they sell.... warning labels or not.   Fuck, we don't even get "warned" until after we purchase. 

 If Health Canada, aka the government wants us to quit so fucking badly, make it illegal.  They either want the tax revenue or they don't.   If they honestly thought that these warnings would have enough impact on tobacco use, why wouldn't they just ban the shit?

Uploaded 03/02/2012
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