a question for the ladies

this wont be like my normal questions to women like "can i put my penis inside you" or the ever popular "wanna ask your sister to join", no this is a couple of more high brow questions.

Question #1: when a guy goes without underwear it's called freeballing. when a woman goes without underwear what is it called? lettin the cat outta the bag, maybe?

Question #2: guys have a universal understanding that there are two features of a woman that can supercede any other deficiency: ass and tittys. if either one or both are of substantial size, exceptional shape, or perkyness then all other features are given a free pass. what are the coresponding features on a man? what can we do to emphasize these features in the same manner women emphasise their ass&tits?

Question #3: just for the larger ladies-do you really try harder in bed than your skinny counterparts? i have never boned a plumper, so i want to know.

Question #4: when do you fart?

Question #5: can i put my penis inside you? shit, i cant help myself.

i will be cataloging answers for future refrence. expect some sort of unwanted sexual advance.


Thank You

Uploaded 01/06/2009
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