A Salute To The BOOBS

Ladies and fat kids of the world....I take my hat off and bow to you for having the one thing that makes me smile at alltimes, yes of course im talking about boobies.

I started thinking about it after a minute of motorboting, WTF makes boobs so god dame superfuckingsweet??? seriously, they are just big ol milk sacs that i want to play with at all times! Its the same for both sexes, i just want to start bouncing those things untill it goes out of style, but knowing it will never will, makes me feel better about the world. Fuck war, screw religious debates, just take a minute of silence for the one thing that can take a god damn horible day, horible month and take you to a place of magical wonders with rainbows and bridges paved with babies dreams.

BIG, small, doesnt matter (not to small), atleast a handfull...solid B's, fakes are ok if they are done right, they count... but you get negitive points for turning the assignment in late. i take it back i like them anyway, ehhehehe, ahhhh christ. Not religious but thank you god for BOOOOBIES!!!!!!!!!!!!

Uploaded 06/27/2008
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