A serious question for christians

I am going to attempt something dificult here and ask of you ebaums world users to answer me a serious question, it would help if the person answering is at least christian and a biblical scholar would be even better. this is something I really have been wondering for some time. it's a very simple question, but I must qualify why I wonder this. here it is:

Why are there no dogs in the bible?

Now I wonder this because, though I realize the earliest stories of the old testement come from a very early time in the history of civilization, the domestication of dogs had long since begun in whatever way it actually hapened, either through the dog becoming more tolerant of people for it's own survival or people making them so. at least I think it had already begun, I don't have a date on this. I think this might have made the bible by some logic because other than horses and donkeys, combination of the two included, humans didn't have any real useful service animals. somehow horses and donkeys made it in there, even roosters, why no dogs? I would think someone would have thought of an animal that incomprehensibly tolerates and obeys humans as some sort of thing god had a hand in, unless they knew how it hapened and I don't imagine they did. or maybe they thought ntohing of it, figuring in thier arrogance that of course dogs obeyed them all animals belonged to them. that was the order wasn't it? after god and angels humans had dominion over animals. if anyone knows of a passage with dogs I missed or can tell me why they aren't in there, let me know. I mean other then in metaphor or offhand refrences like give unclean meat to dogs.

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