achievement unlocked old fuck!

In the wake of a crisis I'm hearing this nonsense alot more lately. all these upepr middle class fucks with thier furrows of worry over thier futures. they are scared shitless that they wont have enough money to keep thier miserbale existence going. I love how people think a long life is the goal of living, that there's some sense of achievement in keeping yourself alive. they don't spare a thought to what they're going to do with that life, and I'm guessing they're going to drink it away and probably drop some of thier nasty offspring while thier at it. offspring that will head down the same miserable path. I can see how unhappy these people are though, nothing in life seems to bring them any joy, yet they obsess over continuing it. I wonder how this hapened. I'm piss poor myself. I work in a fucking pet store and live in a run down apartment. I buy my food from the damn dollar store. guess what though, I'm happy. I enjoy the fuck out of life. my piss poor income isn't any impediment to getting laid many times a day. and my shitty job doesnt take long so I have plenty of time to be home doing that. think about that the next time you're working hard for six figures and a nice car. my car is neon green and I don't even know what the fuck model it is. I grant that without my wife I wouldn't have bothered with the apartment, the car, the job, or the shopping, I'd be out in the wilderness in a shack I built hunting my own food. funny thing, my wife wouldn't live like that. But she settled for a shitty apartment and shitty food, which is great. The food I eat isn't great for me, in fact it's mostly bacon and beef jerky and turkey, yet despite that I'm healthy. I probably won't live long anyway, because I don't believe in medical care of any kind or insurance of any kind and I can't afford that shit anyway. I imagine someday my luck will fail, and probably we'll both starve. But that's life. i'll still of had more fun then most of you. what else is it about anyway? Why are you so afraid to die? Does all your preperation really bring you anything?

Uploaded 10/26/2008
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