Adventures of Tommy Jones.

Chapter one       See Tommy Jones was something like a 1920 gangster and a soul of a 1970 brotha! He always kept his gun on him and why not hell he was living in the 1840 cowboy years . Tommy jones was well known for his marks menship with a colt .45 . he liked his colt .45 so much when he did get alot of money he made the colt .45 beer that is seen in the 1900s.         Tom lived at his mom and dads for now . He was quite smart for a 18 year old when it came to money. Many ways he would get money would be like he would call it " hot " meaning he did a "job" to get money . Sometimes he would have to rob to get what he wanted . Him and his friends would travel 120 miles out for weeks just to hide and rob caravans in the night by rifle point . Boots guns and girl was his motto. He always had good rattle snake boots with a  nice fire arm and some " wild neck "       This week T jones needed to get money up to buy rum and vodka to resell it to the bar dealers for almost 5 times as much money . He has to do a 4 man "lick" on some bars from another town. Its about 60 miles away and to the easy of alabama. ... 

                 to be continued
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