All Blacks Must Die!

Dedicated to Crackrockjack.

It is only right that all blacks must die,
Black men rape, they steal, they smoke crack.Yes all black men must die. Black men have sex with white women, they eat too much chicken, and walk like them too.

But of course, all rednecks must die, for they speak funny and hate black men. Yes all rednecks must die. Rednecks chew tabaccy, they drive old cars, they don't like Obama and they smell like corn.

Lets not stop there. All the women must die,  for they are a lecherous bunch. Filling their bellies with contraceptives and their asses with black men's cum. Even a good woman must die.Yes even the one who only eats sweet grasses and replaces it with two. They too must die.

All white men must die, For they enslave the black man, hold him down and slip him crack on his Oaty O's at an early age. Yes all white men must die. White men rape the planet, not the women. White men's shit stinks like soot and poo. All white men must die.

This leaves the Chinese, the Pygmies, the Inuit too,  American Indian, Spanish, Mexicans, Latinos and all brown, yellow, olive skinned people. All must die.
We may all be different in some minor way. We all shit, we all hate, we all kill. We never learn.

Yes all men must die, For in the end, we all do. 

Uploaded 03/17/2012
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