Am I an asshole or is this funny?

A few years back when I was in this irritating class I had to take as part of my gen eds, I heard something that I thought was just the funnniest thing ever, but no one has agreed with me that this was funny to this day.

It was a christian ethics class and this girl was telling the class that she met and spoke with jim kiveezel (or however you spell it). the guy who played jesus inthe passion of the christ. anyway, jim said that while they were filming the crucifixion scene he was struck by lightning.

upon hearing this i fell off my chair i was laughing so hard. everyone stared at me completely mortified while i was crying and choking from laughter.

Everyone I have ever told that story to doesn't understand why I found that funny. I thought on ebaumsworld there has to be at least one person twisted enough to think that was funny.

I don't know if it really hapened or not, it's just what she said. if it didn't happen, it's much less funny to me.

Uploaded 07/08/2008
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