Am I who I say I'am?

I'm going to make a list of statements some are true some are not. If one of you can get at least more then half guessed right i will reveal them all to you. There is a twist of course you only have 24 hours to ansewr

1.I'am somewhere between the ages of 13 and 20

2.I have been high but contact only.

3.I have killed an animal before

4.I'am rich with 3 arcade machines pool jacuzzi movie theater popcorn machine and pool table.

5.I have a job that gets me over 14k a year 20 minutes a day work from home and weekends off.

6.My username is derived from my name

7.I can solve a rubix cube if it's brand new and no matter how it mixed up i can fix it.(some peopel are not getting this)If its a brand new cube and someone mixes it up and gives it to me i can fix it.

8.I'am the first member of my family to be the FIRST BORN male of my family (example is I am born before my sister.) 

9.I have visible scars on my face.

 10. I am ANGIE111

11.I belive in theism.


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