America today- good towns to projects

Being from a 45,000+ town growing up, I noticed as the older I got, the more riff raff in the town. Sure there probably were some before, but not nearly as much. As the older people die off, these young thugs roll up, and cause havock on the system. In 14 yrs of living in one house, it went from going to trick or treating to all the houses, to lets duck and hide from the bullets. Ive seen from that bedroom window, atleast 5 drug bust a year, and some ended up in my yard. We would hide in the bushes and write all the plates down on the notebook, two kids using a wendy's binoculars with green camoflauge helments on, crawling though poision ivy infested bushes.

Moving on, We moved to a different house, due to space and family switch the deeds around, across the street, right next door the major crack house of the block. Their landlord had cleaned up the act, or so he thought. Countless nights have i watched drug deals infront of my house at 2-3am in the morning. At 16-18, as i sit with my family, watching tv, we hear a loud bang, okay dishes fell down.

We searched the kitchen, no avail. My discovery led to the bathroom, in which there were wood splinters across the bathroom tub, and a head shot over the toilet, with the lead stuck in the wall.

If someone had been sitting there, they would have been dead, i got to participate in holding the red string they used for a guide. It was a deal gone wrong on their back porch, which led to shooting our house. No guns was found, conviently.

My point in being, as I look at todays society, living 800 miles away from my hometown, I start to see the same traits of the shithole. With less than 15,000+,  This time, its not the blacks that are going ghetto, its the damn wiggers. I hate, HATE white people trying to act hard. If you have to act hard, your just another pussy asking to get his ass beat.

The last two days, a drive by and today there was a homicide. This being basically a non violent town, with the occasional appearance from the latino kings, and a rival gang. They are no biggy, they stay away from the current crowd. Not these wiggers.

More and more wiggers are moving in with the "ghetto" looking females. Whats self image anymore? If you look like a thug and present yourself that way, why ask people why you cant get a job. With the area rates of unemployment, you see them mostly at mcdonalds and kfc. With no effort of getting a higher education, they make a few less bucks than me, which ive worked my job for 7 yrs now. I have an A.A.S in electronics.

Again, whats wrong with society these days? There are more important things that are invovled than politics.

Its funny, I invision myself, going bufford pusser, on these about shit towns. Its a sad world knowing what my future kid are going to put up with. Just about the only option is to move out in the country, and isolate from the noise.

Look at yourself, is that what your parents wanted? Is that how you were raised? What have we become with ourselves? Self induldge in a little hole called the internet.

Tommorow, I think, I will go smell the roses, wearing a bullet proof vest, of course.

Uploaded 09/11/2009
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