American Greats: How Most of Them Began

what I find amazing about americans -- of the "White Anglo-Saxon, Western civilization, judeo-christian Righteous Nation Manifestly Destined to Rule the World" american "way" is how XENOPHOBIC it really is in its basic "Idea" -- 

starting with exterminating Native Indians , Enslaving, exploiting, conquering, etc....  

AND YET not a few of its "best ameircans" have blood ties to peoples that "america" systematically  Dehumanized and continues to do so. 

I forget the exact details and names -- but a little-known case is: 

the Famous , most "american of american" names -- JACQUELINE KENNEDY . HUMPHREY BOGART ("legendary american actor" - casablanca) , the "fabulous Vanderbilts" (of "american high society") -- are ALL related by blood to each other -- because THEY were descendants from a line started in the USA as early as 1685 - well before the "english" or north/western "puritan" christians came  -   

started by the adventurous son of a rich king in Morocco -- and this young adventurer , hearing from the spanish /portuguese "discoveries" -- sought to buy land in the "new world" and establish himself there -- which he did -- buying land in where WALL STREET now stands, and in Brooklyn Borough -- it was known in obscure history as "TURK's Land" (since the ensuing europeans saw all "non-europeans" as "turks" -- which was a common term in the 17-18th centuries) - and the man was himself Muslim. it's actually part of lesser-known family lore of the kennedy clan. 

HE became the Male "beginning" of what produced such "iconic true americans" as Jacqueline K, Bogart, Vanderbilts........

this, of the "country" that calls itself the "ruler of the world" because of its "western roots" - that showcases as the "best of the best americans" -- such folks that are descendants of a man the USA considers from "those barbaric lands".........

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