American Idiots

I haven't been here in quite a while, as I found that my blogging is best done elsewhere. But here I am today to release a little built up steam that was a result of yesterday's election. 
Americans are idiots. Over the past few weeks I have witness some incredible acts of stupidity on Facebook. This morning I read a comment where a man proclaimed, "Ride your scoots while you can! Obama would outlaw motorcycles!" When challenged for an explanation, he explained, "He's done worse things." Again, further clarification was requested, and his reply was nil.
Yesterday a friend of mine submitted this status: "Not voting, is a slap in the face of every service member who has sacrificed so much to preserve our rights. No matter who you vote for, VOTE. I didn't defend our country for the fun and games." When a mutual friend explained that she was not voting because she did not like either candidate, she was bombarded with insults, and instructed to "vote for anyone it doesnt matter just rite ur dogs name down the improtant thing is that you vote not who you vote for" So let me get this straight. Making a mockery of the voting system by writing one's dog on the ballot is acceptable, but making a choice not to vote based on the information one has is not ok? Here's another:  America has just re-elected the man the bible tells us will be the end for us. I think they all just signed our death warrants...don't you? When challenged for an explanation and a direct bible quote, the subject instructed the person asking to read the book of "relevations". 
Facepalm, America. Keep on derping.
Uploaded 11/07/2012
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