Anatomy of Cuteness!

It started when Fuzz-wuzz sent me the most adorable gif.  "This is me as soon as I got off the phone with you last night!"


I still can't stop gushing at it. What's better is how Fuzzy reacts every time he hears me when I look at it. Without a doubt, this little bun-bun gets a 5 on my scale of cuteness:


 1 -  Here we have the "World's Ugliest Dog".  Not at all cute, quite scraggly, mangy, and very un-
       cuddly. This is the rank reserved for the worst encountered.

 2-   A semi-cute bat. Bats, for the most part, are considered diseased, gross, feared things. But,
       they are mammals, and as such, they have fuzzy fur, little noses, etc. So this image is used to
       convey a 2 on the scale of cuteness.

3-   A furry little woodchuck. Although their faces are less than friendly, they're fat, cuddly, cute little
      woodland critters. A lot better than the first two, so this represents middle-of-the-road rankings.

4-   Pile of tribbles. Tribbles were those creatures from Star Trek that had no discernible features
      other than the fact they were nothing more than big, colorful puffs that bred 100 times worse
      than rabbits. Basically, almost 100% cuteness. But, with the lack of paws, noses, and all those
      extra features that constitute ultimate cuteness on my list, the tribbles remain as
      representatives for the #4 rank.

5-  And what do we have here? A cute, cuddly, little bunny! A perfect blend of everything that makes
      for the ultimate in cuteness! Fat, round little body, lots of fuzz, tiny, precious little paws, nose,
      ears, and tail, tiny poopies, the ability to perform adorable actions like hopping, and absolutely
      perfect for cuddling. Therefore, this tiny bun-bun is here to represent the highest on the scale
      of cuteness.

Now we'll analyze what exactly is considered in my humble opinion on cuteness anatomy judgment:


Due to all of these highlighted factors (and more), we have an overwhelming case for a cuteness ranking of 5, which stands for ALL OUT CUTENESS OVERLOAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


And that concludes our lesson on comprehensive cuteness. Since fuzzy's bringing me "more than an apple" to the desk, no questions will be accepted after class. Dismissed!
Uploaded 06/08/2012
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