And The Winner Is...

Sunday I held the Dominus Quiz to try to see if anyone could see if they knew me. Oddly, no one tried to bribe Gigglsprite for answers, but then that would have been cheating. For those of you who were interested (as there was a prize involved), the results are as follows:

1) The worst game I ever bowled was a 13.
True. And I have no idea why. I just really blew it on that day.

2) Monopoly is my favorite game because I love to win at it.
I always loose at it because I hate the game. I hate the idea of screwing over people with money to win, so I play only to mess other people up.

3) I won the National Managed Health Care Congress Partnership Award.

4) I participated in, but dropped out, of the Marble Championships in Wildwood.
False. A lie created about me by a friend to trick an ex girlfriend.

5) I have three college degrees, all in different fields of study.

6) The total number of semesters I spent in college was seven.
Obviously, if 5 was true then this one is false.

7) My height is six feet four inches.

8) I dislike cooking, and will use any excuse to get out of it.
False. I learned long ago that the way to a girl's vag is through her heart, and one way to a girls heart is through her stomach. I am an amazing cook.

9) Weapons I use well include spears, halberds, and bolt-action rifles.
All true.

10) My favorite movie is “Napoleon Dynamite”.
I can't stand this fucking movie. So this is False.

11) I have had more than one interracial relationship.
True, and they were some of the best ones I've had. I just get along well with women of color.

12) Oysters are my favorite seafood.
False. I only like them in a few ways.

13) My birthday is one of the most celebrated days in the world.
True. Since my birthday is Halloween, I can always find a party.

14) One time I drove from Oregon to New Jersey in five days.
I've never been to Oregon, but I did complete the trip from Tucson in this time.

15) I once had a purely sexual relationship with an opera singer.
True. Ans she was loud in bed, too.

16) My tongue is only two inches long.
DEFINITELY false! Haha! Ask the sprite!

17) I have been featured in an erotic art gallery.
True. And I sold several pieces of my artwork there.

18) I am allergic to shellfish, soybeans, and fabric softener.
False. I love the first two. I don't like the third but I'm not allergic to it.

19) My favorite artists include Vincent Van Gogh, Mark Ryden, and Yoshitomo Nara.
True. All of them are outstanding.

20) A priest once exorcised my house as it is haunted.
False. While the house I live in is haunted I have never had a priest over to do anything. The last residents that tried that wound up making things worse for themselves.

If you noticed, I built in a pattern. All the odd numbers are true. So, the people that played it safe (Megalomaniacal by saying all false, and strghtjacketgrl who said all true) technically won. They may each, according to the rules, e-mail me one question I will privately answer for them. I promise to tel the absolute truth, as long as what they ask excludes numerical data like bank account numbers and addresses, or data that reveals things about other people in my life that want to remain anonymous.

I am Dominus, and my Avatar keeps changing.

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