and then i came.....

went to the mall today to see a movie and ingest some diseased food at the local Chili's. well, local is stretching it cuz they are on EVERY FUCKIN CORNER HERE........ahem......sorry........anyways.......went to the mall and saw the new hollywood comedy The Hangover. great movie i thought. something troubled me while we were in this shrine to american greed though. now when i was younger we had this fad called "saggin" where the guys wore their pants on their hips exposing the waistbands of our undies. very cool and comfortable i do say so myself. i saw some young people today where their pants were well below their genitalia and causing them to walk as if they had just shit themselves and had a full diaper on.

now, ok, i get it, you're "hip-hop stylin'" or some other shit, but COME THE FUCK ON. these certain teenagers were of the wetback or "latino" ethnicity so i guess i can let them off because of their obvious lack of intelligence, but everyone else gets no pass. those lil beaners have no hopes of growing up to become anything other than gardeners or convicts so i cant do anything for them. the rest of america needs to wake up to this growing problem. our children are walking around about an inch from exposing themselves in public. while i would champion letting young, supple, taught, (mmmm) TASTY, teenage girls doing this..........i forgot where i was going with this. oh well.

Uploaded 06/06/2009
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