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This is a reply from anonymous to me: Ignorance, they don't mean that, Sony sued and banned people who Jailbroke, or even only knew how to jailbreak the ps3. If you bought the ps3, you have every right to do what youwill with it. George Hotz shared how to jailbreak the ps3 and Sony collected the IP's of those who visited his site or watched his youtube videos, and were at risk of being banned, even if they did nothing with this KNOWLEDGE. Knowledge is free, our voices should never be censored.

Anonymous is Legion.

And, this is what I said in response. that's wonderful, well you violated our privacy, thus accessing knowledge that we don't want you to have. Ever stop and wonder about denying people a free service online, something that we invest time and money on (just the play station store) would aid your cause? Some knowledge is not meant to be known to the masses. I don't want everyone to know my social security number  or credit card numbers. power corrupts, right now you have the power to access any financial information that any one person has, are you going to tell me that not a single one of your anonymous friends ever thought of "hmm, I could use these numbers?" if you take 1 dollar from everyone, you'll have 70 million dollars potentially.


You're doing exactly what sony has done to you, except they reason they did it was because you gave them a reason to respond to your invasion to "protect us," granted I hate big business just as much  as the next person, but dear god, stop messing with things and causing change where there is no need for it. Youre fighting against something that you created out of misplaced opinions that whoever has power is corrupt the second they get it. Yes, power does do that, but the measure of a man is what he does with power, right now your power over us has corrupted your purpose, giving you a self-proclaimed prophecy that you are our deliverance, let us be our own deliverance.


You have compromised people's jobs and livelihoods so you could "be heard." Hear this...go hide and never touch a computer again. The FBI will find you, and we will ALL HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE of who you are. You target the people who are unfairly benefiting from other people's time and money, not the people who are using that system to provide themselves with entertainment and hobbies. You trouble yourselves on trifling matters. he's a thought, how about you do real things activists do about topics that are seriously important to people, BUT DON'T target the people you say you want to protect, that's still one of the dumbest thing Ive seen people do. Im happy the way things are, stop trying to force change, when that happens, the worst of us comes to the surface, we have enough to worry about in this day in age, stop adding to it and stop what you're doing until we call on you to do something about it, and it's called consent.

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