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So i'm sorry if all my blogs about books bore people, but i find it interesting to get other people's opinions on the books i read. so sorry if these bore you, but if you enjoy them too, let's discuss..

i just finished Rant by C. Palahniuk at 4:30 this morning because once i hit the last 1/3 of the book i couldn't stop to sleep. it was an amazing book and took a turn i never expected. deffinatly next to Invisible Monsters on my list of favorites..

Though one thing i missed was, what are they talking about when they say they are "boosting peaks" and using "neuro transcripts" and something about ports. i don't know if i was distracted when i read about what they are, or if it totally went over my could someone explain, i'd rather not search through the book to find the part where they explain what that is. i kinda assumed it was a fictional thing for the book that the governemt put something in their neck in order to not nessisarily need human contact, but to be able to experience senses through the so called "neuro transcripts" or something..i dunno

also, i started the book "House of Leaves" last night/this morning as well and got threw the intro, then went to sleep. just curious of what people who have read that book thought about it..

and also, how long did it take you to finish it.

maybe i should just join a book club..

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