AntiCommon's Rewind of 2010 - A Year in Music

2010 has been a great year for the internet, with many many memorable and timeless lolcats and ragefaces. However, the greatest content to come about this year has to be the music. Whether it be remixes, autotunes, or even a new twist on the innevitable beatbox, 2010 has shown it's cards and they're good. 
Now, without further adieu I present to all of you my favorite musical pics for 2010 (in no particular order). I hope you will all enjoy. 

1. Dad Life - A fatherly representation of music. 

2. Ball Shorts - No sense in being baller without these. (Jeans just can't compare)

3. Musical Jeep - ''Beatboxing meets Jeep meets techno''

4. The Golden Age of Videos - I kinda wish this was it's own movie. 

5. Duck Face -  Thanks to you I threw up and shit all over the fucking place.

6. Simpsons Theme (on the Bass) - Finally a ginger with soul.

7. Bed Intruder (Song) - This song is entirely catchy and has stolen the hearts of millions.

8. Noteworthy "Poker Face" - Who knew a bunch of preps could pull off a tranny's act so well?

9. An Actual Ebaum's User - MJ would be proud. 

2010 has been fascinating, and this list of my favorite musical experiences of the year has definitely summed that up. Lets see if 2011 can top dis shit!

Uploaded 01/13/2011
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