Are All Ron Paul Voters Fanatics?

Ohayou, guys! I've noticed that the people who decided to vote for the republican candidate Ron Paul in the upcoming election are kinda... you know... goofy. To say the least. They sound like obsessed nutcases. Don't get me wrong, I'm not an Obama supporter. There is something that Obama voters do have which Paul voters lack - reasoning.

It was in 2008 when Obama promised a lot of shit to the people. He promised CHANGE. That he'll set straight all the stuff the republican George Bush brought onto America. In some part, he did change a lot. He's also a respected leader. That's not important right now. Let's focus on his campaign - you vote Obama to fix the mess. He'll save the economy and take the troops out of the war zone. He'll help the minorities. He's the hero. That was 2008.  There were millions of idiots who followed him and spammed the shit out of the internet with pro Obama propaganda for free. Most of them feel stupid right now.

What happens in 2011? There's a bunch of idiots who believe in another politician's bull shit. Even on Ebaum's World you can find a bunch of spam (yes, spam - that shit is political gibberish garbage) in different forms. The hilarious part are the people who comment, and how they comment.

"I'm Canadian, but I'd definitely vote Paul!!!!! Yeah, he'll save the economy!" - some Canadian faggot

"Soy Mexicano y Ron Paul tiene mi voto." - some Hispanic faggot

The funny part is, most of the comments left are by CANADIANS, who somehow feel the urge to point out that they aren't Americans, they won't vote and they shouldn't give a shit nor have an opinion about it, but, as always, need to post their idiotic opinions nobody cares about.

I'm not gonna vote, nor do I say that any of the candidates is better. I'm saying that the people who so fanatically spam their love to Ron Paul and his empty promises are morons. If you think I'm wrong, face the facts. They've been saying that Ron Paul keeps to his ideals for 25 years. There's clips with his tv appearances. If he's so smart and has got the right idea, where was he for the last 2 decades? Oh yeah, he's just someone who criticises others but does shit himself. Oh wow, imagine what a great president I would be. I don't like poverty and economic crises. This must mean I wouldn't allow them to happen if I was president. That Obama probably loves when the country is in crisis, and that's why he didn't wave his magical wand to fix it?

There's another thing that makes me laugh when stumbling onto Ron Paul fanatics. They claim that he promises to take back all the troops in middle east or some shit like that. This means that he'll:

- leave those lands to local terrorists and bandits to handle

- make over a trillion of dollars (not to mention the deaths of many soldiers) spent on these missions mean nothing

- make thousands of soldiers and experts lose their jobs and come back to USA, with no hope of getting a new job here (most soldiers are either young people without a profession or experts in warfare stuff)

- to satisfy a bunch of pacifistic hipsters, he would act like it's not important to civilise those pieces of filth that call themselves muslims, who's vision of heaven is a brothel/harem (they get 72 virgins for blowing people up, according to their beliefs), who have a pedophile prophet, and who mentally still live in Middle ages.

Think twice before falling for propaganda shit. Face it, it would be a disaster if Ron Paul actually kept his promise. Some of you have a lot to learn about what being a patriot is about

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