Are you selfish?

So, I've read a few hate blogs regarding the Health Care Reform in the United States.

I'm not an American, nor am I a politically savy individual... but I do have some common sense, and I have experienced the "reform" side of government run Health Care.


I find that the majority of these bloggers are people who have purchased health care insurance, and feel that it is not their responsibility to care about the well being of others. They do not want to pay a new tax.. regardless of what it is for.


It is my opinion that, that right there is the problem.  Care about yourself, and nothing else.  Pay as less as possible, and get as much out of it as possible.     That there, in my opinion is why our economy is failing.  


I also find it disgusting that the well being of those less fortunate is in direct competition with Corporate Greed.   The arguement:   Care for all, paid for by all.  vs.  Care for those  who can afford it.    


Now it doesn't take a genius to see what is wrong with Private Health Care insurance as the only means of Health Care.

It takes someone greedy, selfish, and ignorant to see what is wrong with health care being available, equally, to all.



So let's outline the difference between the US and Canada using different scenarios.  


Let's start off with a small average American family.    A husband, wife and let's say 2 children.  Let's call them the Smiths.

The Smith's have 2 incomes.  The husband has been a factory worker for 20 years.  His wife, a legal secretary who started out after their kids went off to school during the day.  They live in a house, and have 2 family vehicles.  Mr. Smith has purchased health care insurance through work, and is approved and covered for the basics.  They have a family doctor.  Visits are covered, along with some specialized care.  If one of them get sicks, they can go to the hospital, and fill their perscriptions. 


Now there's the McDonalds, a Canadian Family.  Like the Smith's, there's a husband wife, and 2 children. They both have jobs, and the husband has work benefits covering dental, and %80 coverage on medications.  The Mcdonalds get paid more, because higher taxes equal a higher cost of living, and thus a higher wage.



The Smiths get pregnant again.  They are expecting a new baby in 7 months.   During an exam, Mrs. Smith is asked by her obstetrician to start modified bed rest that requires her to quit her job.  There is some minor complications with the baby, but as long as she takes it easy, and is careful to her activities the chance of a miscarriage is very low.  She complies, and her insurance company catches wind of this order.  Turns out the babies complications are worst than they thought.  There is a %70 chance that the baby will have severe  Cerebral Palsy... but it is hard to say before the baby is born.  The insurance company is notified, and decides that the family has become a liability.  The company explains to the Smiths, that because of the increase of claims, and after an account review, that were going to discontinue coverage.  Just when it seems like there couldn't be any more bad news,    Mr. Smith loses his job.  The plant that he is working at, has decided to outpost production to Mexico.  His severence package includes 1 weeks pay for every year worked.  A lump sum of just over $12,000.   Fortunately for the Smith's, the obstetrician visits have been covered by the old insurance already.  The birth.. not so much.  The high risk birth costs the family $15,000 in hospital bills... whatever was left of the severance, and all of their savings.   Now... the Smith's are fucked.  They have 3 children, one with special needs, no jobs, and no health care.  They sell their house, and one of their cars in the hopes to make life easier.  They contact some charities in the hopes of some care being provided for their new child.  Mr.Smith, in desperation was able to find 2 part time jobs paying minimum wage.  Hours are unreliable and not as frequent as needed.. there are no benefits, and no options to buy into company coverage.   The charity that they seeked out, notifies authorities of the lack of income, calling out their inability to care for a child with special needs.  Family services takes away their new baby.   Mrs. Smith has no choice but to go back to work, in order to try and make some money, and get her child back.  Fortunately, her job was still there for her.   They apply for insurance, but are unable to be covered due to the lack of income, and past claims.    Now, the Smith's are living in a fixed income home in a nasty neighborhood.   Mrs. Smith rides her bike to work, while her husband uses the car until it is sold.  Social assistance helps with some of the basics, like food, and housing.  They are never able to get their child back, as they are unable to afford to care for it's needs.

Why?  Because while you live in the United States, you do not have the right to well being.  You must pay to be healthy, and live as a family... without being accused of neglect.



Now the McDonalds...  They also become pregnant.  Mrs. Mcdonald takes her 6 months of maternity leave nearing the end of her pregnancy, as she too has a child that will be born with a disability, and will need to stay home to care for it.   She chooses her family doctor, and obstetrician herself.  She must choose someone who specializes in complicated births.  A daunting task.. with all the research involved.  But she's happy with her choice.   Like, the Smiths, Mr. Mcdonald loses his job, but sees it as some time off to care for his family.  %70 of his income is covered by unemployment insurance, that he paid into over the years.   He still looks for work, but is unable to find one.  It's ok though, he has 6 months before his unemployment claim is expired, and his wife will go back to work after her 6 months is up.  After her baby is born (no hospital bills), she is almost bombarded with options for her new baby by her doctor and other organizations.  Her child will require, a wheel chair, many medications, and special equipment for bathing, and caring for her child.  Her doctor tells her about caregivers that will come to her house to help her, not only with caring for her child with special needs, but to help with every day chores as well.  All of this.. free of charge. They are not quite out of hot water yet.  Their house needs some accessibilty improvements.  Fortunately, they were able to obtain a loan for a renovation.  Fellow Canadians saw their cause and donated to their cause.. including a famous hockey player.  Life is a litte more busy, and difficult because they are caring for a child with special needs, but it's their only real worry.  They don't have to worry about being dumped by the government, as they would with an insurance company.


What situation would you rather be in?  Where would you rather your money go?  You pay for insurance, and they can dump you at any time.  Unused money goes into the pockets of the brokers, and they go on denying coverage to people with acne.  You pay a little more in taxes, and you save yourself the insurance bill (more expensive), you get a raise because of the rise in cost of living, you never worry about being cut off, and unused money goes to people who need the care that it pays for.  You don't have to pick and chose your battles with health.  You can afford your free prescriptions..


All I know is that I couldn't imagine having a child, and watching him/her die because I couldn't afford enough health insurance to cover the worst case scenario.  Health and medicine is NO PLACE FOR GREED!  Finances and health should be two different topics all together.... especially in a country that claims to be the best in the world. 


Also, not everyone can be above the poverty line... and not everyone below that poverty line are capable of walking away from that situation.   Sure there's a few scum of the earth people who rely on the system for hand outs opposed to working a day in their life, but to generalize the entire poverned population to that "slum" is a tool used by the people who profit from the way things are today.  Those same people who will put you on your ass without batting an eyelash, just to make a profit for themselves.



So what is preventing the US from passing this bill?   Fear.  Fear brought on by the people who make a profit from you buying into health care.  You think that the rich will not get good enough coverage, and that the poor will get too much.  People will ride this like nothing else, and will abuse the system, costing tax payers more and more all the time.   We'll I'm sorry to tell you but, every time money is handed out by the government, undeserving people will have their hands out looking for it.  And that goes for every right, and priveledge you have.    There's many bad people out there.  But there are far more nice, innocent people, getting little to no health care simply because they cannot afford it.  And not everyone can earn the same amount of money... and you know what... in places where people do make around the same amount... like poor communist countries... for example Cuba, have government run health care for all... even immigrants.


So how do I know it's all greed and selfishness?  You guys care less about the hundreds of billions of dollars on the war, than you do about paying a little more taxes every pay day on health care for all.  You hate the idea of sharing the wealth, and caring for more than yourself.  You want more for less, and right away.  That attitude has already cost us our jobs.  Why you say?  More for less...  we want more things, for a lesser price.  That forces manufactures to outpost jobs to other countries where it costs them 90 percent less to employ someone than it does in North America.  Now they can get you your cheap China made shit, quicker and cheaper... and they can get you alot more of it. 

I say.. put a stop to the war on terrorism. Stop policing the world, picking faults, and claiming those as justification to why you are the Greatest Nation on Earth, and take a look at what's working for these other countries.  You'll find, that if that money from the war went towards government run health care instead, that your taxes will not increase all that much at all.  Nothing can be win win, but there more win than lose in a government run health care system, than leaving those less fortunate on the side of the road in a hospital gown, and ambulance and gown bill in hand... and they actually do that in America.


Have some sympathy or at least some compassion for those less fortunate than you. Imagine a better world where the greedy don't run the show... especially the show about your health and well being.  You know... it might actually make you feel a little better about yourself.  Stop feeding into corporate greed as if you'll be on the top one day.  Cause in all possibility, you'll be on the shit end of that expensive stick for the rest of your life.  At least with the government, you have some sort of a vote to what happens.  Unless you're one of the few rich people in this world, and own enough stocks in a large company, you have absolutely no say to what goes on... but it seems, since we gave them all the power, that they dictate what happens to our economies, and get paid for fucking it all up.



Now what I just said, is common sense... or should be.  I'm not really including much of the technical, and numbers.. but that's not the point.  I'm talking for the average tax payer, in the eyes of the average tax payer.... and I won't get into a political debate about it either.  I don't care what each politian believes, or whos gonna be in office.  It's a democracy, and majority rules.  If a president fucks up bad enough... it's called impeachment.












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