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I was listening the radio today and NO not talk radio but several Rock channels. I was laughing so hard at a couple of them joking about the obsurdity of Obama getting the Nobel Peace prize. One station was doing a phone call to Obama telling him he was Car and Driver's "CAR" of the year. lmao The other was awarding him "GUN" of the year from Guns and Ammo so he could put the award up with his "PEACE" prize. lmao

You can read this blog and say that I am anti-Obama but you cant get that from this blog! I am anti-Obama NOW, but mostly I am talking about the commitee who awarded him the honor. I am very happy that most Americans can see the absurdity of this action whether you support Obama or not so damn lets have some fun. On a personal note I would like to award Obama the Oscar for his acting job in his acceptance speach for the Nobel Peace prize where he made you believe he was humble and unworthy no wait......he hasnt done that yet.....oh well things you "MIGHT" do counts a lot these days as a matter of fact it seems to count for more.

Yesterday I wrote a blog about Gore and his truth problem (yes I know Gore didnt write the movie) and when I came back today I noticed the blog topic went in another direction so let me make my thought perfectly clear. We the US and the rest of the world have a problem but once again a politician got behind it and apparently no fact checks done so here we sit again with the same  "PROBLEM" but now people are questioning the validity of the whole green gas and the sky is falling. Thanks WHO EVER but Gore is still a buffoon.


Thanks for reading Bohank


PS. My spell check isnt working so if you find spelling mistakes you win a free beer.


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