Atheism, the faith.

I imagine some people have probably already decided to one-star this without even reading the following. To them: grow up and/or get a life. After reading all of this, if you still choose to one-star, then be my guest. It's a free world, and it's not like that crap matters anyway.

Speaking scientifically, you can never prove a negative. It's a logical impossibility, straight up. All that you can do is state that "With the current lack of proof from the believers, it doesn't seem very likely at all that their beliefs are correct". I won't argue this point, it does seem pretty far fetched in quite a few ways. least in the ways that these people believe how the universe started and so on. Creationism is obviously ridiculous, stating that the earth is only 5000-6000 years old. We can show that it just isn't so with science. We'll simply set all of those ridiculous things aside.

Atheism is the belief that there is no God, and basically everyone who subscribes to this uses science and critical thinking/logic. However, since you can't logically prove that (whichever) God doesn't exist in a general sense, you're making your choice based on faith. Don't worry, I'm not taking the religious side at all. To me, religion was just a way for people to try to explain the world around them before the advent of science, and/or control other people without having to give proper reason for doing so. So basically, in the end, all you're missing is a hierarchy of sorts to be considered a religion (semantically speaking, of course).

Many atheists make it difficult to accept the group as a whole. Far too many members are just as awful as any religious zealot. They'll ridicule you, ostracize you, and stand there with that smug grin on their face as they feel superior to others. Hell, there are even violent atheists, though many are more or less nihilists in the end. I see and hear so many people who claim to be atheist act like complete fools. It's obvious that many people join this faith because they are angry about whatever bad things they've experienced. There are ones that I can't really blame, like those who were molested by priests and such. Others seem to be just angry about how their life has turned out. They believe that because bad things always seem to happen to them/others, that they should reject the very concept of any God existing. However, they're not truly atheists, they're just mad at God. Technically, it'd make more sense for them to become Satanists, but whatever.

In the end, it really makes more sense to be Agnostic. We don't truly know how much of anything works, nor can we prove that any form of higher entity doesn't exist. So why stand there like fools, arguing about it? Why not simply accept that we're all pretty damn ignorant and therefore should instead continue searching for truth together? There isn't enough evidence in either direction to say that either side has it right, so why draw such thick lines in the sand? You atheists may think that it's just the religious people who impede progress, but truly we are all at fault. Stop closing your minds and fists and instead consider that neither science nor religion even begin to have the answers. Perhaps using both together can help us in our search for the truth.

Who can honestly say that evolution couldn't be the product of intelligent design? What if (the) God(s) tried for ages to speak to us, but we continually twisted their words to our own end? What if God(s) exist(s) because our minds created it/them? If so, then do(es) it/they only exist for the believers?

There's literally an infinite amount of questions to be asked, yet only a finite amount of time as far as we can this dimension....technically speaking.....probably.....I haven't a clue. All I know is that my life will eventually come to an end. Whether I'm reincarnated with no memory of this life, sent to heaven/hell, yada yada etc., I know I don't want to spend my days arguing over whether or not there is a God. It's silly and immature from every angle.
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