Attention All Cowboy Haters!!!!!! Post Comments On The Cowboys

I am writing this blog to unite all the Cowgirl haters and to congragulate the Cowboys for helping my team's chances for the playoffs was a very historic night in "Big D", were the Cowboys showed their real colors and stunk up a night that was supposed to be magical for the Cowfag nation. I feel sorry for all the Cowboy legends who had to see that pitiful play by the Cowboys. Lol Deion Sanders was making me laugh the whole game with his comments on the Cowboys. I don't know how many Cowboy fans are on this site, but you are welcome to post your thoughts on another brutal December in the NFL and another long offseason. I tried to tell some of you Cowboy fans that T.O. would have so much drama and that he would not change when he left Philly, but they were so desperate to win that they overlooked a lot of his negatives. Also, I wanna know what you people think of Tony Homo and if he is really that good or just an overrated QB in on a popular sports team. I also want all you Cowgirl haters to your input on yet another catastrophic Dallas lose lol. People, feel free to post your comments, pro Cowboy or not, I just want to know what you think...........P.S. How many people still think the Cowboys are America's Team? I think they lost that title about 10 years ago.......I think last year it was New England and over the last 10 years it's probabley the Steelers...........

Uploaded 12/21/2008
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