Attention Whores

I like how there's this fad in the feature chat room, where users choose a blog TV broadcast that's currently on and Ebaumsworld users raid that channel for fun. If it wasn't like that, I'd probably never learn how fun it is to get on blog TV and toy with some of the attention whoring clowns there.

For those of you who don't know what blog TV is, it's a website that has nothing to do with blogs, since it's a live chat. Unlike the typical format where you get a room full of people and the staff moderates it, on blog TV everyone gets their channel and they start a broadcast. People then can join their rooms and receive the option to chat in the shout box. The broadcaster is in control of the chat and can ban or kick people, or even grant operator's priviledges to his viewers. There's also an option to co-host, where the broadcaster invites one of the users to broadcast in a new window during their show. Pretty simple.

What's amazing about blog TV is that it's full of attention whores, which makes it even more fun to entertain yourself at their expense, especially when you're in a group of people and can plan your strategy with other Ebaums members.

It's amazing to watch some freaks broadcast there. You can often see a bored fat guy get on without a t-shirt on and wait for somebody to talk to him. Or some slut that expects people to tell her how pretty she is, and acts like she gets that shit all the time and it sooooo bores her to hear it all over. Actually, 99% of blog TV broadcasters are attention whores. There's a lot of freaks there. People that you would laugh at if you went to school with them, for example. On there, they feel like some kind of stars, not the losers their peers take them for. Which is kind of amazing and it's nice that they get acceptance somewhere, I guess.

Not all the broadcasters there are freaks, though. Some are interesting people. Some play cool music and others are people you'd like to hang out with and are probably what the website's developers must have had in mind as their main users.

I broadcasted a few times and co-hosted in some shows, but it was usually for the kicks. I never thought of seriously putting on a show that would be longer than a few minutes. I don't understand people who spend hours on that site, sitting on a chair and staring at the screen, waiting for someone to compliment them or say they like them. On the other hand, I do understand why so many people like to goof around there and own some of these people. It's hilarious to watch their faces when you're witnessing them raging over something someone said. Even though going to blog TV is passe now, there's still a bunch of people here that like to go there from time to time and use their best pranks and sometimes pull new ones.

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