Baby needs a new pair of shoes!

I think I have uncovered the biggest scam of all time! Baby shoes! Why are they a scam you may ask, one simple reason, babies can't walk yet! They serve absolutely no purpose what so ever! Yet women buy them! Why? Because they are shoes and they feed into the women's sick fascination of footwear! They see these small pairs of shoes and say " oh how cute I must buy them" I often wonder what happens to these shoes! They don't get worn, so they don't break down! Do they end up in some landfill? They could be from like 1982 and still look brand new! Think about it, have you ever seen a baby wearing a pair of shoes? No you haven't! If its cold they wear socks! If its hot they go barefoot! Please join me in my crusade to stop this abomination! This scam has gone on for far too long! We should all meet at an undisclosed location and bring all the baby shoes we can find, heap them in a giant pile and set them ablaze! Or I could be a crazy freak  and need a mental evaluation! What do you think?

Uploaded 06/30/2008
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