Back from My Tour of Duty.

As a fully trained drone pilot, I was quite excited about applying my skills to help the Al-Qa'ida freedom fighters free Syria from the secular, democratically elected government dictatorship under Assad.  It was a huge disappointment to find out some Russian dork made some diplomatic appeal to stop our strategic attack on  Assad's den of thieves. John McCain made many heroic attempts to keep up the pressure as he remained stoic in front of opposition from people who actually know the region and it's politics. As of a few days ago, we were all flown back home to our family and friends. A huge disappointment all around.

But, I have excellent news on our drones capabilities. There is now an app where we can input a certain rhythm, frequency, phrase or harmonics to zero in on a target like a heat  seeking missile. While in Jordan, we did some mock ups with Muslim prayers as they paid homage to Allah. So now, when Muslims chant in a group, we can program our drones to seek them out and kill them as they pray! Some of the guys were suggesting inputting Westboro Baptist anti gay slogans for laughs and giggles. Or how about all the black baptist choirs going on all across America? I know !! 

This technology is so sophisticated you could actually input President Obama's voice and make him the target. I'm glad I'm on the input end. Remember to keep your eye on the sky.  

Uploaded 09/22/2013
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