Been gone for a little bit.

story 1__________________________________________________


You settle in for another quiet night of sleep, a draft flowing from the crack of your window creates a chill that demands you wrap yourself tight in your wooly blankets. You notice your room closet is slightly ajar, but you can only see the pitch blackness. The presence of this slightly open door fills you with dread as you peer into the blackness beyond. You shiver but laugh at yourself for being scared of an opened closet. What are you, four?

You snuggle in with your blankets, your heavy eyes wearily drifting shut when you see something lurch across the floor and disappears from sight under your bed. You're not sure what it was but your eyes shoot open. Suddenly you feel the sense that something is wrong. Your mind tries to rationalize, you probably saw the shadow of a tree limb outside your window being swept by the wind. It seems like a good explanation, you nervously laugh at yourself again. Silly you, there's nothing in the dark that isn't in the light.

You close your eyes and begin to drift into slumber again. Your eyes are shut not moments when you get the feeling someone is watching you. You slowly open a slit in your eye and see a bump at the foot of your bed. It is vague but roundish in shape. You try to make out what the shape is. As you're examining the bump your mind once again tries to quell the unearthly fear rising in your gut. Surely it's all a coincidence, more than likely a bump in the thick covers caused by slight movement and the covers never settling and falling to your form, and it merely looks like it is at the foot of your bed because of your current veiw. Yeah, that must be it.

Your eyes begin to adjust to the darkness. You can make out a very wide grin on the shape, but it is unaturally wide, literally grinning from ear to ear.

story 2__________________________________________________


We are Onieronauts. We are explorers of the Dream World. We blur the line between waking life and sleep.

And we're watching you.

It's strange how many people forget that you spend 1/3 your life sleeping. People have forgotten the importance of dreaming. Less and less people even remember their dreams, and instead get up in the morning, shower, drink their coffee, and drive to work. They're lives are repetitious and safe. They feel secure in their 2-bedroom condo overlooking the city, and they don't dream. Instead, they plan their next day. They browse through clothing and furniture catalogs. They watch their cable TV with 999 channels. And yet, they don't dream.

We do. Not only that, we know we're dreaming. When you realize you're dreaming, you realize you're free. You instantly lift yourself off the ground and fly through the Dewy clouds. You Become a Jedi and eat ice cream while receiving a blow job. You're free to do anything you please.

Over the years, a select few of us became profoundly gifted. We pushed the limits of the reality within. We would taste the color of nothingness, see 360 degrees around us, and, most astonishingly, communicate with each other. That's right, we learned telepathy. We learned to enter each others dreams and explore the world together. After that venture, the skies the limit.

Then, the most startling, most shocking discovery of all was made.

We learned how to transcend the dream world. We learned how to communicate, from our dreams, to the waking fact, This is my dream. You're reading the words I'm currently dreaming. How does that feel, to know that reality and dreams are no longer separated?




i was just catching up on some older blogs and i was wondering if i was considered a classic blogger O.o

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