Big Momma in the house, child!!

Hello, this is Hattie Mae Pierce, but yall can call me Big Momma!

Big Momma been lurkin around this here e-baum's world for a while now and child let me tell u, I be seein alot of nasty shit!

I be lovin the way yall put up them videos



and child, i could be spendin my whole afternoon watchin them videos with the men that go fallin off they bikes and gettin hit in the sha boink boinks,

but yall gotta get rid of some of this racist talk i be seein in the comments section along with the arguin and the foolin yall be doin up in this here blog section.

I be understandin that some of yall want a moderator or some kind of person to step in and set some rules ~

so i want yall to know that Big Momma is here now and child,, i want yall to come to me with any arguin and problems that yall need to get off your ass cuz shuga, Big Momma just be wantin what the rest of yall want

to have a good time and be havin fun watchin them videos and readin poopy blogs and chattin with yo friends on the chat rooms. Big Momma never come in here judgin and arguin and startin no bullshit like yall got goin on

so lay it on me child and remember that when Big Momma here yall always gots a friend and a big beautiful woman to set yall straight when shit git outta hand.

come on over and have some greens and some homemade country fried chicken and know that Big Momma in the house~!!!

Uploaded 07/31/2011
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